What Our Customers Have to Say


"I have had several different brands and homemade shine. I love this brand! 2 shots and I have the warm fuzzies! Great taste, and look forward to trying other flavors. Apple Pie is the bomb!"

-Facebook Reviewer, Local Moonshine Lover


"Great taste, smooth finish. Distinct, small batch, and made with. REAL,NATURAL flavors! Tastes exactly like what they advertise. That's becoming rare, as too many companies are flooding the moonshine market. Get you some. It's authentic and delicious!"

-Facebook Reviewer, Appreciator of Fine Shine


"I haven't tasted one I didn't like! Love the Apple Pie & Strawberry ones!"

-Facebook Reviewer, Avid Taster


"This is the best shine I have ever drank...and I'm not being biased or try and buy!"

-Facebook Reviewer, An Unbiased Fanatic