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About Myrtle's

Myrtle's Distilled Spirits began as a hobby and became a passion. It is the brainchild of C. Clark and D. Kennedy. Together, and with the support of friends and family, the pair spent many months perfecting the recipes and methods that eventually became the many flavors we have all come to love. In mid-summer 2018, Myrtle's Distilled Spirits, LLC, was incorporated and fully operational by May 2019.

Myrtle's offers many flavors in multiple bottle sizes for you to choose from. All of our products are carefully blended and masterfully tested. We only use real fruit products in our fruit-flavored moonshine, and we avoid all unnatural ingredients whenever possible. Our 'Shine ranges in proof from 30 to 100.

Myrtle's is a fully licensed distillery located in Neosho, MO and our products are sold across southern Missouri in more than 75 locations!

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Made in USA
Veteran Owned

Myrtle's Family


Myrtle's strives to create the best, and most distinctively flavored, moonshine available to our customers. We take pride in choosing the perfect ingredients and crafting our product to the highest standards. Our products are available at local retailers all across southern Missouri, currently, though we are expanding quickly! You will find Myrtle's Distilled Spirits in 750mL bottles, 200ml bottles, and 50mL bottles.

Myrtle's Distilled Spirits currently offers 15 flavors:

Finest Blend Shine 200 ml Bottle
Apple Pie Shine 200 ml
Blackberry Shine 200 ml
Blueberry Shine 200 ml
Green Apple Shine 200 ml
Lemonade Shine 200 ml
Peppermint Shine 200 ml
Shine 200 ml
Strawberry Shine 200 ml

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Award Winning Shines

Award-winning Taste

Myrtle's Distilled Spirits Award Winning Apple Pie Shine BURST'S with flavors of Crisp Apple and a Spark of Cinnamon, earned a Bronze medal in the Denver International Spirits Competition 2020. It was stated by the judges, “true to style with robust Apple and Cinnamon in tack. The mouth feel was pleasingly full & clean with generous levels of alcohol. The smell was obviously robust and harmonious. The authenticity of taste was distinctive of the flavors with a prolonged finish.”

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What Our Customers Have to Say


"I have had several different brands and homemade shine. I love this brand! 2 shots and I have the warm fuzzies! Great taste, and look forward to trying other flavors. Apple Pie is the bomb!"

-Facebook Reviewer, Local Moonshine Lover


"Great taste, smooth finish. Distinct, small batch, and made with. REAL,NATURAL flavors! Tastes exactly like what they advertise. That's becoming rare, as too many companies are flooding the moonshine market. Get you some. It's authentic and delicious!"

-Facebook Reviewer, Appreciator of Fine Shine


"I haven't tasted one I didn't like! Love the Apple Pie & Strawberry ones!"

-Facebook Reviewer, Avid Taster


"This is the best shine I have ever drank...and I'm not being biased or try and buy!"

-Facebook Reviewer, An Unbiased Fanatic

Contact Myrtle's

We encourage feedback! Please visit Myrtle's on Facebook to let us know how much you love our products and to stay up to date with Myrtle's Events and Activities.

If you are a retailer and interested in carrying Myrtle's Distilled Spirits, please visit our contact page to directly contact Myrtle's Distilled Spirits.

Myrtle's also offers tastings for interested Business Partners. We are excited to offer our products to your customers. We know they'll love it! Contact us to schedule an appointment or get more information today!