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New Products Coming!

All 9 Flavors

Myrtle's is introducing 4 familiar flavors in convenient 50mL bottles in the near future. Please visit your local retailer for more information about new Myrtle's products. You may also follow us on Facebook for more frequent updates! Coming soon to a store near you!!!
    Butterscotch Shine, 50mL
    Cherry Shine, 50mL
    Lemonade Shine, 50mL
    Strawberry Shine, 50mL

  • Same big flavor, smaller size.
  • Customer Favorites!
  • Goodies on the go! (Don't drink and drive!)
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750mL Bottles

All 9 Flavors

Myrtle's offers 9 flavors in 750mL bottles for you to choose from. All of our products are carefully blended and masterfully tested. We only use real fruit products in our fruit flavored moonshine, and we avoid all unnatural ingredients whenever possible. Our 'Shine ranges in proof from 50 to 100.

                                                             OUR FLAVORS
   *Apple Pie Shine                                                                    *Blackberry Shine
   *Blueberry Shine                                                                    *Butterscotch Shine
   *Cherry Shine                                                                         *Lemonade Shine
   *Straight Shine                                                                       *Strawberry Shine
   *Finest Blend (aged with Charred Oak)

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50mL Bottles

Mini Myrtle's

Currently, Myrtle's is offering our favorite flavors in convenient, 50mL bottles. We are expanding this selection, so look at your favorite Myrtle's retailer to see if more "Mini Myrtle's" flavors have arrived in your area. These are a great size for those who only want a shot or two, and perfect for trying new flavors.

                                                                OUR FLAVORS

*Apple Pie Shine
    *Blackberry Shine
    *Straight Shine
    *Finest Blend (made with Charred Oak)

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