Myrtle's Dist

illed Spirits

Our Company

Myrtle's Distilled Spirits is a specialty distillery. Our company strives to meet high quality standards and to assure that our customers get the best possible moonshine product available in their market. To do this, Myrtle's practices several unique techniques to bring our smooth, flavorful blends to your glass. We use real fruit and locally sourced ingredients, whenever it is possible, in order to guarantee a truly refreshing spirit.

Myrtle's Distilled Spirits began as a hobby with one single, 1 gallon still named "Myrtle". Myrtle has produced many hundreds of batches of moonshine and is still in operation to this day. However, she is now joined by a few sister stills. This is how Myrtle's Distilled Spirits got her name!

Myrtle's Distilled Spirits is the brainchild of C. Clark and D. Kennedy. Together, and with the support of friends and family, the pair spent many months perfecting the recipes and methods that eventually became the 9 flavors we have all come to love. In mid-summer 2018, Myrtle's Distilled Spirits, LLC was incorporated and fully operational by May 2019.

We are a fully licensed distillery located in Neosho, MO, and our products are sold across southern Missouri in more than 30 locations!

Our Mission:
    To provide the best, most affordable moonshine to our customers.

Meet the Myrtle's Family

Shout out to all of our Myrtle's family that has made Myrtle's Distilled Spirits an Ozark's favorite! Family is important to Myrtle's Distilled Spirits. Without our family, Myrtle's would still be a hobby, and not a dream-come-true for the Myrtle's Distilled Spirits crew.

Myrtle's Family

The Myrtle's Team

The guts behind the operation belong to B. Cooper-Clark, C. Clark, and D. Kennedy (who are all shown below). D. Kennedy is a long time Neosho resident, and you can see his image on each Myrtle's label with our boss, Izzy, in his lap.

Our Boss

Izzy, Boss Dog

The Clarks are life-long Missouri citizens, having been born and raised in Summersville, MO. They have two children: Brittani and Austin. The family moved to Neosho, later, and settled in. Today, they are proud operators of Myrtle's Distilled Spirits, LLC, and even prouder grandparents.

B Cooper-Clark

B. Cooper-Clark, Founder

D Kennedy

D. Kennedy, Founder

C Clark

C. Clark, Founder/Mng. Member